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The Committee on Equity in Transportation will focus on the practices, policies, and research needs to provide access to options of reliable, affordable transportation to all transportation users, including users in rural, low-density, low-income, and disadvantaged communities. It will also consider transportation practices and research affecting health, cultural, social, and economic factors of sustainable mobility through localities and regions

About the Committee

The mission and scope of the TRB Equity in Transportation Committee (AME10) is to identify, advance and publish research aimed at expanding current and future understandings and improved evaluations of effects and implications of transportation policies, procedures and actions on minority and low-income populations.


The primary mission of this Committee is to engage in research, planning, evaluation, education and outreach associated with environmental justice and transportation equity that would advance the state of the practice for all transportation agencies.


Given the complex links among mobility/accessibility needs, economic opportunities, socio-cultural, environmental and health effects, which are compounded by different strata (e.g., spatial, temporal, modal, generational, gender, racial, cultural, income), this Committee brings a variety of disciplines (e.g., planners, social scientists, epidemiologists, economists, attorneys, engineers, advocates, elected officials and academics) together to advance the Committee’s mission and scope.


The Committee uses a variety of venues to disseminate research results to local, state and federal transportation agencies and practitioners attempting to meaningfully address mobility and accessibility needs of minority and low-income communities across the nation and around the world. 


Gloria Jeff, Co-Chair

Tracee Strum-Gilliam, Co-Chair

About TRB

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides innovative, research-based solutions to improve transportation. TRB is a program unit of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, a non-profit organization that provides independent, objective, and interdisciplinary solutions. 

TRB manages transportation research by producing publications and online resources. It convenes experts that help to develop solutions to problems and issues facing transportation professionals. TRB also provides advice through its policy studies that tackle complex and often controversial issues of national significance.

Subcommittees & Other Related TRB Committees

  • Communications and Engagement (AJE40)

  • Community Resources and Impacts (AME80) 

  • Transportation and Public Health (AME70)

  • Transportation Planning Analysis and Application (AEP15)

  • Transportation Planning Policy and Processes (AEP10)

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Research Topics

Research on the distribution of harmful human health or environmental effects of transportation programs, policies and activities


Research and development of improved methods and techniques for estimating and presenting the distribution of disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of transportation programs, policies and activities. This will include improved GIS technologies focused on socio-economic data.


Research on the availability of data sources needed to identify and evaluate minority and low-income populations.


Research on the indirect and cumulative effects associated with transportation projects that could contribute to a disproportionate impact.


Research on how effective transportation professionals are with their public involvement techniques to reach the underserved


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